Our workshop has a plethora of machines with weird names like skivers, splitters and bevellers. As there are only a few of us and we don’t use all the machines all the time, we let fashion students and designer/makers come in and use them for their own projects.

We have a small team of skilled craftspeople who have experience in the leather industry, from making for designer brands to bespoke items for interiors of homes, hotels and restaurants to costume and props for the film industry.

The Team

Pattern maker and sampler; turns ideas in to products. Working from a sketch, measures out and makes each panel of the bag in card then cuts these out of leather by hand and assembles the sample to achieve the desired look. This is an exact laborious process but getting it right at this stage is crucial.
Cutter; once the design is finalised, the card patterns are turned in to knife forms (massive cookie cutters). The cutter selects hides to ensure most efficient use of material, taking special care to avoid marks and weak spots that will always occur when working with a natural material such as leather.

Bench Worker; takes the cut panels and glues them together in preparation for stitching. They also attach fittings, buckles and rivets.

Machinist; using sewing machines specifically for leather, the machinist stitches together the products ensuring straight even stitching and matching seams.

The bag then returns to the bench worker who ties the threads off by hand and puts in the final rivets, giving it one last check it then goes in to a box and is posted directly to you.

Our bags are made using higher quality leathers and fittings than the big manufacturers but because you are buying direct from the makers you are not paying for the expensive ad campaigns and fancy stores, this means you get a better product for a smaller price.


You can see the full range of our Satchels every Saturday and Sunday in Covent Garden at the Jubilee Hall Craft Market.